Online Session Bassist Ryan Byrne

Hire a Professional Online Session Bassist to Record Custom Online Bass Tracks for Your Studio Project!

Genuine, live, custom bass tracks recorded by a professional online session bassist will make all the difference in the world for your studio project. It is tempting for artists and musicians that are not primarily bassists to try and cut corners by picking up a bass and recording bass parts themselves – but at what sacrifice to the recording? Bass lines can make or break a song, and there is no comparison when it comes to bass tracks recorded by pro bassists. Simply put, bass tracks recorded by pro bassists sound like bass tracks recorded by pro bassists. Conversely, bass tracks recorded by non-bassists sound like . . . you guessed it, like bass tracks recorded by non-bassists.  It is all too often apparent when a bass track was “faked” by someone other than an actual pro bassist. Bass parts played by guitarists often sound like guitar parts played on a bass, etc., etc., etc., . . . you get the idea. Your recording will represent your music and brand for years to come. Let it be the best it can be – hire a professional online session bassist today!

Online Session Bassist - Ryan Byrne - Nashville TN

*Rates# of Songs
$75 per song10+ songs
$82 per song8 - 9 songs
$89 per song6 - 7 songs
$99 per song4 - 5 songs
$119 per song2 - 3 songs
$149 per song1 song

*NOTE: Listed rates are for songs up to five minutes in length. For each additional minute of song length over five minutes add $15. Rates include at least two takes and one free revision per song. Additional revisions are $25 each.

Professional Recording Studio and Producer/Engineer

To ensure that Ryan’s form-fitting bass lines are captured by the best in recording technology, Ryan records his custom online bass tracks at The Groove House Recording Studio with highly acclaimed Nashville producer/guitarist Steve Rutledge at the helm.

Turnaround Time

Ryan will typically have your online bass tracks completed within 10 business days of receiving your guide tracks, charts, notes, and a 50% deposit. If at any point after receiving your deposit it becomes clear that the bass tracks will not be complete within 15 business days, Ryan will immediately contact you with an amended deadline. If the amended deadline is not acceptable to you, Ryan will refund your money and point you in the direction of another very well qualified online session bassist that may be able to meet your turnaround deadline. Your time is valuable and Ryan wants to make sure that your project is completed on your schedule even if he has to forward the job to someone else.


50% deposit before the session and the remaining 50% upon your approval of the finished bass tracks. Ryan accepts payment via Paypal Express Checkout – which allows you to pay via your PayPal account or by credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. It’s fast, easy, safe and secure.

Ready To Get Started? Have Questions? Book a session now or contact Ryan via phone or email to get your questions answered. Let’s make music!